Barry Robbins

Barry Robbins

Barry Robbins is a founding member of the Evolutionary Sports Collective, and is a lineage-holder of ITP International (Integral Transformative Practice), co-founded by human potential visionaries George Leonard and Michael Murphy.  

Barry’s love of sports and exercise began at an early age and continues to grow as he sees this path as a life practice which seeks to include excellence, unity, love and compassion.

He is a former All-City baseball player, and nationally-ranked, First-Team All-American fast-pitch softball player with a 40-year background in yoga and meditation. He continues to enjoy mountain biking and contemplative practice.

Barry coaches world-class athletes and teaches workshops at Esalen Institute, IONS and other parts of the U.S. and is a certified trainer in ITP and LET (Leonard Energy Training).

He is a contributing author of Sports, Energy and Consciousness: Awakening Human Potential through Sport.

Through the Evolutionary Sports Collective, Barry explores the field of sports as transformative practice, focusing on bridging integrated principles and practices into various disciplines including athletics, the workplace, education, and research.