Greg Warburton

Greg Warburton

Greg is an author, teacher, professional counselor, a dedicated innovator in the fields of mental health and sport performance. Greg grew up living and breathing sports with a father as a coach of multiple sports. A traumatic leg amputation shortly after completing his first marathon at age 27 didn’t slow him down. Instead he asked himself, What do I have to do now to live a productive life?  With his never-give-up attitude, he remains a life-long athlete. 

He returned to Graduate School and became a Mental Health Counselor.  His own life experience and a 39-year counseling career with kids, teens and parents enabled him to develop a sport-performance mental and emotional fitness training system that transforms athletes into Champions. Greg re-entered the world of Sports Performance 14 years ago focusing on Mental-Game Training.  He now highlights the need to expand the paradigm beyond cognitive-based methods only to include higher consciousness and body-energy based methods that aren’t taught in the classroom, nor on the athletic field.

Innovative applied methodologies only survive if they produce results. Athletes and Coaches Greg has worked with have been consistently producing results. In 14 years, Greg has worked with key players on six Collegiate National Championship teams, with the most recent being the Oregon State University Baseball team in 2018 and the Southern Oregon University Softball team in 2019. Overall, Greg works with coaches, parents and athletes in middle school, high school and college throughout the United States.

Greg is the author of  Warburton’s Winning System: Tapping and Other Transformational Mental Training Tools for Athletes; A Fast-Start Guide to Warburton’s Winning System; Ask More, Tell Less: A Practical Guide for Helping Children Achieve Self-Reliance. 

Greg was an award-winning Instructor at an area Community College.  From 1993 – 2011, he taught a 3-credit, 30-hour course entitled: Eliminate Self-Defeating Behavior.