Robyn Meagher

Robyn Meagher

"I just loved running on the trails in nature—it was a meditative experience for me,” is how Robyn describes her training process during her remarkable 17 years on the Canadian National Team. Her impressive accomplishments were the byproduct of her simple joy of running—2 time Olympian, World Cup and Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist, and dozens of other national, provincial and local championship titles.

One doesn’t sustain a Top 10 World Class ranking in any endeavour without understanding and appreciating the host of commitments required—physical, mental, and emotional—to achieve healthy high performance year-in and year-out.

After retiring from running, Robyn earned her Masters in Education and opened a practice as a Registered Clinical Counselor and Health and Performance Coach. Today, she serves clients from all walks of life—from professionals to elite athletes to teenagers.

Robyn and Jason Dorland married in 2001 and live in Victoria, British Columbia, with their family—rescue dogs included! They are now pursuing their passion for utilizing the many lessons they’ve taken from their Olympic and professional journeys to support others in pursuing their health and highest potential while living a life where they thrive!