Scott Ford

Scott Ford

Scott Ford, USPTA, Elite Pro has a passion for teaching athletes how to get in the Zone on purpose. As a performance specialist, clinician and author with decades of experience as a player and coach, Scott believes that sports can be transformative when athletes start playing “in the Zone.” 

Coaching “flow” since 1978, Scott has developed a coaching and performance model that teaches players how to intentionally create flow, and teaches coaches how to coach the transformative practice of playing in the Zone.

He has authored several books, including: Design B: How To Play Tennis In the Zone (1984), Welcome To The Zone: Peak Performance Redefined (2014), and Integral Consciousness and Sport: Unifying Body, Mind, and Spirit through Flow (2016). He is also a contributing author of Sports, Energy, and Consciousness: Awakening Human Potential Through Sport (2014).

He’s written numerous articles that have appeared in, ADDvantage Magazine, Sports Vision Magazine, and Colorado Tennis. Scott’s concepts on playing in the Zone have been presented at the prestigious USTA National Tennis Teachers Conference, USPTA World Congress on Tennis, the Canadian National Tennis Teachers Conference, and the 2000 Pre-Olympic Congress of Sports Science and Health in Brisbane, Australia. In 2008, he led a presentation on Visual Dynamics in Combat to the Commandant and Senior Training Staff of the Navy SEALS in Virginia Beach, VA. 

Scott is a Founding Member of the Evolutionary Sports Collective, and teaches peak performance at Rocky Mountain Tennis Center in Boulder, Colorado.

Scott’s interests include: Conscious Flow Coaching in all contact sequence sports, including baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, and golf, performance modeling, flow theory, integral philosophy, sport as spiritual practice, and finally, playing in the Zone with his friends, family, and grandkids.

Welcome to the Zone
by Scott Ford