The Evolutionary Sports Collective is an integrated association of athletes, coaches, scientists, psychologists, consciousness teachers, practitioners, and human performance specialists. 


We provide EDUCATION, TECHNOLOGIES, and COMMUNITY to support athletes, coaches, and organizations in the pursuit of achieving ideal performance states, expanding consciousness, and creating global solutions for a better tomorrow.


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When you join the EVO Collective for $10/month you’ll get access to:

EVO Coaching Labs

Witness firsthand how we apply coaching techniques during a live coaching session with an athlete. This practical demonstration will provide you with a clearer understanding of integrating mental performance strategies into your coaching repertoire. You'll gain unmatched insights into how sport psychology and mental performance influence athletic performance and learn strategies to enhance your coaching effectiveness.

EVO Live Masters Calls 

Monthly LIVE online community gatherings where we explore relevant topics with brilliant guest speakers who are leaders in the worlds of sport, energy, consciousness, human potential, and more.

These calls are structured for thought provoking explorations and include live Q&A time. 

EVO Masters Library

Get access to past Masters Calls recordings, so you can watch or listen on your own schedule. 

Past speakers include: Michael Murphy, founder of Esalen Institute, world renowned meditation teacher George Mumford, and leader in the Human Potential Movement, Jean Houston. 

EVO Community Forum

Become part of a space where everyone in the EVO community can share valuable insight and learn from each other. Gain access to connections with people across all industries, offering immense knowledge and community. 

You will also gain up to date information regarding EVO events, sports news around the globe, and coaches perspectives.