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By Scott Ford, Co-Founder, EVO Sports

Flow is a “unified field experience” in which players feel a sense of oneness with the game they are playing. Nondual player/field coherence generates our unified field experiences, and unified field experiences build unified field realities that can be consciously maintained and stabilized.

Let me unpack that paragraph. Imagine living in a stabilized nondual reality where you moved from one unified field experience to another by consciously co-generating them through nondual player/field experience.

You can also imagine living in a destabilized dualistic reality where you move from one dualistic field experience to another by unconsciously co-generating them through dualistic player/field coherence. Oh, wait…that’s the dualistic reality in which we all grew up. It’s the reality of our dualistic world and our dualistic experiences of life.

What if humanity could change the reality of a dualistic world into the reality of a nondualistic world? What would that look like? One thing would be necessary if humanity wants to change to nondual real-world conditions, and that’s the development of nondual human beings to maintain and stabilize the nondual world conditions they are consciously co-generating. Nondual human evolution is emerging in different cultures around the world, and with each nondual human awakening comes the expansion of nondual evolution through nondual human inclusion.

The global culture of sport is a perfect example of nondual human evolution in action as more and more athletes are being trained in nondual performance processes that generate nondual performance experiences – the building blocks of a stabilized nondual performance reality in which nondual human development can evolve.

Sport, as a global performance culture, plus flow-in-sports as a global performance direction, gives nondual human potential a way to actualize on an individual scale as well as on larger collective scales, like the collective subcultures of sport. Nondual human evolution through flow-in-sports. Is that scenario even possible? In theory, yes. In reality, it’s a question of survival. Can nondual human potential develop enough to survive and flourish in a world of global dualism? Seems like an impossible, uphill battle, what with all the cultural rivalries and ethnocentric belief systems continuing their fight for survival.

But amidst all the cultural dualism lives the largest cultural collective in the world: the culture of sport. If we want to awaken an entire global culture to nondual human potential, then the global culture of sport is a good place to start.

First reason: inclusion. Sport includes anyone who wants to play a sport. All ages, all races, creeds, and colors are included in the global culture of sport.

Second reason: nondual flow-state training programs that are being designed for every sport. Flow is a nondual state of being, and all human beings are capable of switching from their normal, dualistic state of being to their more expanded nondual state of being. Every time we stop playing in the norm and start playing in the zone, we are changing our whole state of being from its well-conditioned dualistic state to its seldom conditioned nondual state – the same nondual state of being we experience when we are in a state of flow.

Third reason: nondual awakening. I know that sounds woo-woo but waking up to your own nondual potential by playing your sport in the zone, is a truly holistic wake up call to who you truly are, and who you truly can become. The best part is that your nondual training practices awaken your nondual becoming through first-person, subjective performance experiences that literally build your nondual performance reality – one nondual experience at a time.

Bottom line: in order for global coaching to grow up, it has to wake up first, and if coaches don’t know what it means to wake up, then they haven’t. Therein lies the challenge to nondual human potential. First, you have to wake up to know it’s even there, and then you have to experience yourself in a nondual awakened state.

It’s all very confusing at first. Good thing the flow coaching community is expanding every day. Sport needs more flow coaches to sort out all the confusion that comes with changing one’s entire state of being. For starters, how do we change our entire state of being in the first place?

That’s a big change! And as we all know, change is hard, not easy. Big changes, holistic changes, are even harder because they involve the whole person changing their whole state of being. Whew! Talk about a challenge…

Here’s a question for you as a player of the game: if you could learn how to play your game in a state of nondual flow, would you take on the nondual learning curve; its ups and downs, its frustrations and delights, or would you rather stick with your dualistic learning curve and its roller-coaster ride?

How about as a coach? If you could learn how to coach flow in your sport, would you take on the nondual coaching curve? It’s got ups and downs too. Nondual frustration brings dark nights to your soul, while nondual delights bring your soul to heaven on earth.

Nondual flow-state training practices awaken the nondual self, the selfless, unselfconscious self, your authentic self, your soul. Playing in the norm is playing with ego. Playing in the zone is playing with soul. So if you take on the challenge of nondual flow-state coaching, you will be training your player’s soul, and frankly, what greater coaching challenge is there than training a player’s soul?

It all starts with waking up to nondual performance potential through nondual performance processes that generate nondual performance experiences, while giving you a first-person glimpse of your own nondual potential. That’s a lot of “nonduals,” sorry.

We can talk about nondual human potential and theorize till we're purple, but until we can teach our players to intentionally generate flow-state performance experiences, nondual human potential is all talk, no action. All nondual hats – no nondual cowboy.

Nondual flow-state training practices are at the forefront of coaching and performance evolution, and they are also at the forefront of human evolution itself, which is currently expanding into its nondual evolutionary territories. In other words, all this nondual stuff is really happening, and it’s happening in the culture of sport, which means it’s happening in every culture where sports are played, and every subculture where players compete.

From an evolutionary perspective, sport is a perfect culture for nondual awakening, and nondual awakening can be expanded through flow-state training. It’s all happening right now, right in front of our eyes. All we have to do is open them to the reality of nondual training practices.


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