By Scott Ford

The world is coming down from the Olympics. It’s like coming down from an experience of playing in the Zone, where we look back, and think, “Wow! What just happened, and how can we make it happen again?” 

I feel the same way after the Tokyo Olympics, where I look back and think, “Wow! That was amazing! I can’t wait to see it happen again - in 2024 in Paris: home sweet home to the 33rd Olympiad. 

That’s how I feel, but what are your thoughts about these Olympics, modern version #32?

Despite the fact that Tokyo Olympics have been called “The Anger Games;” despite a hostile populace that didn’t want the Games in Japan in the first place; despite the lack of spectators; despite Covid-19, despite all the problems, the Olympic torch was lit, burned brightly for two weeks, then was extinguished in a beautifully appropriate Closing Ceremony. 

What did you think of the Olympics?  I know what I thought. Even with all the negative press included, the Games of the 32nd Olympiad came, stayed awhile, amazed us, then left, just like our Zone experiences. And just like our Zone experiences, the Olympics found us transformed by a higher level of collective human performance.

The Anger Games of the Tokyo Olympics could also be called “The Mental Health Games,” where potential Gold Medalists stood apart from the glory of Olympic Gold, to take time for their mental health and wellbeing. Most notably, Naomi Osaka, potential Gold Medalist in Women’s Tennis, and Simone Biles, potential Gold Medalist in everything gymnastic.

The statement these two world-class athletes made was this: Mental health is more important than winning – even if it's Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

Bravo! We can only applaud the courage of these amazing athletes who spoke out for all the athletes who would not or could not speak for themselves. 


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