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 By David Meggyesy

Our response to the Covid 19 pandemic will be a test of our human resilience for every human being on the planet. Massive transformation and change is continuing in front of our eyes - including potentially a major positive jump in our human evolution. Historically how humanity responds to crisis generally, and our present Covid 19 crisis, is always the central issue for us individually and collectively.

Resilience by definition is the ability to be “capable of withstanding shock without permanent deformation or rupture”. There is additional subtle meaning, “shock and change deforms and ruptures our preexisting reality”, we call it now via Covid 19 the ‘new normal’ -- setting the stage for a new, possibly positive, reality. In the short term at least, less pollution is clearing our skies over the world’s cities.

Resilience is a quality of energy and a state of interior being that can be cultivated and is essential during our Covid 19 impact and transition.

Elite athletes know resilience very well and self - acceptance is an essential resource for developing resilience.

Coaches can help their athletes develop their physical, emotional and mental energies, all are essential aspects of resilience by using internal practices, being present, being quiet, honestly observing what is happening. “Being knocked down and getting up”, figuratively speaking as many coaches say, is the essential point. They know, and we know, how development, growth and excellence really happens.

A specific practice to develop Resilience in your coaching:

*Sit upright on a chair, feet on the floor, release eyes (softer eyes or close eyes), and shoulders, and just be quiet for a few breaths, don’t edit or change the breath pattern, just Observe and be Present.

*As the Observer be aware of mental chatter especially reoccurring (loaded, sticky, negative) thoughts, images and thought patterns, particularly those patterns with a strong emotional component (keep breathing and releasing).

*Feel physical sensations, those sensations that are localized and tense in various parts of our bodies – release (keep breathing). A body scan starting from the bottoms of our feet to the top of our heads, is good to do.

*Then allow the word, Resilience to emerge in your awareness, possibly a memory, an image, strong feeling and sensation, and be present with this memory, image, feeling, sensation of resilience. Remember, how did the situation or experience, feelings, thoughts, images, memories that happened are present in your mind’s eye. Give yourself some time to re-experience the situation, especially strong feelings that come up.

*Come back into your ‘normal’ awareness, reflect on your experience, write it up if desired (a few key words can work). Then think about how you could help your athletes develop resilience. Tell them about your re-remembered resilience experience.

To remember, all of us have experienced this sensibility and feeling of resilience during our lives. In times of crisis, strongly bringing this feeling, quality and attitude of resilience into our lives and our athlete’s lives can be a major positive.




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