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By Greg Warburton 

Recent AP article (10/15/21) about upcoming winter Olympics and skiing star Mikaela Shiffrin by Howard Fendrich (Associated Press)

As a lifelong athlete, I, like many others, am intrigued and captivated by athletes who continue to expand the is-this-evenly-humanly-possible performance paradigm; pushing toward new challenges and ever higher achievement.

Mikaela Shiffin, American two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and three-time Overall World Cup champion, is reportedly thinking of doing just that. As Fall turns into Winter and skiing begins, she is beginning to think about competing in all 5 Olympic ski events during the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing. In the body of the article she is quoted:

"Something I'm dreaming about right now is to be able to compete in each event in China. But that means I have to do a lot more preparation, mentally...What are the boxes we need to check to make sure that I have some comfort level staying in a place that I've never been before for three weeks and dealing with the jet lag and getting over that as fast as possible?"

It continues to be so challenging to accept that for the past 50 years the "state of the union" in mental preparation and training for athletes and coaches at all levels, including professional and Olympic athletes, is still "stuck in the head!" 

If we can just think our way out of the big-energy emotions of anxiety and fear and just use "positive thinking," then we will be good to go compete. I have begun pointing out that trying to think our way to a good place when we are already stressed and upset is remarkably inefficient; sometimes we do, sometimes we don't, yet we never know until the next moment of competition and that is not a good time to find out. In the 21st century, the good news is it no longer has to be just the "stuck in the head" way. We have to get back into the body, as well.

I would love to have the opportunity to talk with Mikaela Shiffrin about the good news; that us Evolutionary Sports Collective Founders have been expanding the mental preparation and training paradigm for many years. We expand the paradigm into the body and teach practices that integrate body, mind, heart and soul. We teach doable methods and practices that provide real help right now. Mikaela Shifrrin could quickly learn and become self-reliant with mental and emotional fitness practices to, indeed, be able to mentally and emotionally self-manage adjusting to a "place I've never been" and rapidly "dealing with jet lag."

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